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MINDFULNESS | priority.

Teaching and volunteering for my second yoga class, I feel like I have the luxury of people time. It is a rewarding experience when students show up, trust you as a leader, give their health & wellness as a priority, and give one hour of their time to spend it with you. I did not quite get it the first time when I volunteered to teach. "Priority: the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important.” Everyone has 24 hours per day. How we use it depends on everyone priority. Some prioritize in their family, some prioritize...

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爱莲说 | my love on lotus.

I attended Chinese Independent High School for three years before moving to the United States. I would learn Chinese culture, poem, and history in my Chinese class. The traditional language is complicated to understand except this poem - my love on Lotus stuck with me. My parent was working hard abroad. I grew up with my grandparent (my mother side) from the age of 12 months to 6 years old and from 7 to 15 years old with my grandma from my dad side. I was happy with my grandparents and learned so much through my eyes even though they...

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TOP PODCASTS 2018 | what podcasts I like to listen while commuting.

I am a podcast junkie and always scouting for new one. My latest new find is Y Combinator; it is pretty technical + entrepreneur! I started listening to podcasts when I was commuting to work. My commute was long, and typical spent about 3 hours in the car and eventually developed a habit and collected a list of my favorite podcasts. If you have ios, Overcast is my favorite app to download episodes, and it is free. When I used to have iPhone, this app allowed me to slow down the tape since my English listening skills weren’t as sharp...

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ASANA | incorporate these yoga poses into your daily routine.

Flowing through a sequence vs. teaching a sequence is not the same thing. There are so much to learn to be a student to a teacher. Practice teaching yoga, I learn to slow things down and break down one pose into five parts. Slow down from 5 beeps per second to 1 beep per second. I hope you will find these asana useful! Cat & Cow Cat & Cow poses are typically done in a pair to warm up the spine from your neck region to your tailbone. Often time we are sitting all day and shrugging our shoulders and...

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