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OVERNIGHT OATS | easy breakfast mason jar recipe & ideas.

Happy Labor Day!! You are here for a special treat. I am sharing one of my stable breakfast recipes with you! These overnight oats do not require any cooking, and it takes less than 5 minutes to prepare. Leave a comment down below if you would like to see more...

1 minute read

FRUITS BY SEASON | seasonally, tropical, raw fruits.

If I have to go raw, plant-based, I would probably survive with tropical fruits. Growing up, the neighbor next to my grandparent has rambutan tree, and my aunt has a tall mango tree. When it is in season, they allow me to use a long pole to harvest the fruit....

1 minute read

SMOOTHIE RECIPE | vanilla protein green recipe for energy boost.

I have to share my favorite smoothie recipe with you because it has improved my nutrition, boost my energy level, and protein intake drastically. This smoothie has been my morning fuel for a year now, and it is a well balanced and nutrient dense recipe with macronutrients - protein, healthy...

4 minute read

SIMPLE RECIPE | quick & easy salmon meal prep.

This quick and easy salmon dinner took me the same amount of time as frying three sunny sides up eggs. If you are interested in how I pull together this 5 to 10 minutes meal, then keep on reading! Making salmon for dinner was like a nightmare to me before...

2 minute read
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