LIFE-CHANGING HABITS | with these words starting with the letter C (+ printable PDF).

I come across listening and reading the transcript from The Strangest Secret audio by Earl Nightingale. His definition: “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” I listened to the audio several times and re-read the transcript as well, and each time I get different inspiration out of it.

He quoted:

If you think in negative terms, you will get negative results. If you think in positive terms, you will achieve positive results. ~ Norman Vincent Peale

This makes me come to realize my own personal thoughts and thinking. I did an exercise where for every negative thoughts or word, I will replace it with the positive thoughts or words. The first couples words really struck me because they all start with the letter C. Contributor, consistency, commitment, contentment, coding, creativity, contagious, communication, so on and so forth. I want to encourage my readers to do the same. Maybe it will help you shift your focus and purpose in life, or perhaps it will not. You are in control of your own thoughts and words. If you have something better that resonate with you, use your own words. It does not have to start with letter C. You can create your own. I have shared a PDF for you to download to do the same exercise at the end of this blog post.

Consumer » Contributor

There are countless hours I wasted spending time scrolling on the internet. Looking at what dresses to buy, shopping impulsively, scouting for the next place to live, stalking my favorite lifters, Instagrammers, seeing everyone is on vacation where I am not. The seconds I turn on to social media, I already autopilot set an intention to consume. It is instant gratification and keeps myself “busy,” but I did not realize how much energy is drained out of me. It can make me feel depressed, desperate, and down.

I took a couple months off social media, specifically Facebook and going off trails for a long weekend where there is no internet connection.

The intention is not to run away for social media. I believe social media has many advantages. It allows us to contribute, to learn, and to communicate. I set a new new intention which is to allow myself to be the contributor, to share my experience, to have a purpose, to have a voice as an Asian immigrant.

Confused » Contrast

There are moments I am confused about what I want to become, what fields I want to choose to study or work, what content I am going to write in my blog. I couldn’t decide if P.U.S. should be strength focus, nutrition focus, or lifestyle focus. It stresses me out to make decisions.

Believe me, you do not have to choose one another. Your decision does not have to be exclusive to just one. You only have at most 100 years to live, and you write your own description, create your own unique self, and be proud of it.

I got the idea “Contrast” when picking out the blue and yellow background for Pick Up Strength. A blue wall, a plant, and a toiletry might look as dull on it own, but I decided to write my own description, share with my own voice, and make it attractive.

I hope you will find this exercise inspired and helpful. Let me know what new words you have come up on your own!

Until next time, see you then.

❤ tm

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