MORNINGSIDE NATURE PRESERVE | best dog park in atlanta with hidden dog beach.

If you are living in the city of Atlanta and looking for a close and easy trail for walking your dogs, look no further than the Morningside Nature Preserve. This is a beautiful trail surrounded by woods and nature.

My fiance and I are both wilderness lover, and when possible we like to hike and train our dogs off leash. We enjoyed the trails, and our dogs love this place better than the Piedmont Dog Parks and Lullwater Preserve. On Labor Day weekend, we took our pups to this trail without much expectation. We thought it is close by and only a couple miles from our home, but it ended up to be a great little adventure!

This park is tucked inside a quiet neighborhood and has two entrance points: Lenox Rd NE or Wellbourne Dr. NE. It is probably why only Atlanta locals live inside the perimeter know!

This time of the year, the trail smells fantastic and has a gentle breeze. There are wildflowers alongside the trail, and the aroma is a mix of sweet Jasmine and ripped peach. Part of the path is exposed to the sun with tall grass, and part of the trail is shaded with tall wood. It does remind me of backpacking in the wilderness with our pups in Roan Mountain except this trail is smooth and flat.

This nature preserve actually has a nickname called ‘dog beach.’ Our two little dogs actually got brave and swam across the stream. Soon, below is the footage we got in the trail and how we teach our dogs to overcome the fear of water.

If you find this post useful or decide to bring your dogs to visit the trail, definitely let me know in the comments below and do check out Atlanta Trails for more information!

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