FRUITS BY SEASON | seasonally, tropical, raw fruits.

If I have to go raw, plant-based, I would probably survive with tropical fruits. Growing up, the neighbor next to my grandparent has rambutan tree, and my aunt has a tall mango tree. When it is in season, they allow me to use a long pole to harvest the fruit.

When I visited the Big Island of Hawaii in May 2017, I was super excited to try all the tropical fruits that might grow well in the islands. Papaya. Sour Sap. Durian. Mangosteens. Guava. I got several papayas and had it for breakfast every morning on the island!

In Malaysia, I actually taste the dragon fruit in purple/beet color in a biology class field trip to the farm. Where I learned how to make fruit wine. One of the best middle school memories I had.

Here is my favorite list of fruit by season from January to December:

Jan - grapefruit

Feb - cherimoya

Mar - pomelos

Apr - oranges

May - strawberries, berries

Jun - kiwis, dragon fruit

Jul - cherries

Aug - muscadine

Sep - raspberries

Oct - apples

Nov - pear

Dec - pomegranate

For additional resources, you can visit Cuesa!

Until next time, see you then.

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