ASANA | incorporate these yoga poses into your daily routine.

Flowing through a sequence vs. teaching a sequence is not the same thing. There are so much to learn to be a student to a teacher.

Practice teaching yoga, I learn to slow things down and break down one pose into five parts. Slow down from 5 beeps per second to 1 beep per second.

I hope you will find these asana useful!

Cat & Cow

Cat & Cow poses are typically done in a pair to warm up the spine from your neck region to your tailbone. Often time we are sitting all day and shrugging our shoulders and cause much tension in those areas. I love these poses because it is accessible to achieve. Practice cat & caw to open up your chest and increase the fluidity of your body.

Inhale to cow pose, Exhale as you return to cat pose.

High Plank to Chaturanga

Chaturanga Dandasana is the foundational pose of yoga sequences and many times it is a transitional pose and is neglected to perform correctly.

Couple mistakes to avoid is that don’t let your shoulders collapse below elbows and do not stick your butt up. If you have not developed arm balance strength, it is okay to drop your knees and activate your core strength.

Child Pose

There is a time our body is requesting a pause, and we need to listen to our body. It is okay to surrender and come to a child pose to reconnect your breathing, your mind.

Focus on diaphragmatic breathing.

Puppy Pose Shoulder Stretch Variation

Urdhvamukha Shavasana (Upward Facing Dog)

Spread fingers wide apart,

Even out those knuckles,

Inhale press into your hands to lift up,

Chest up, tall neck, shoulder away from your ears,

Engage with your legs,

Press top of your feet against the mat,

Lift knees off the mat,

Distribute weight evenly, and look up.

Down Dog

Learning from failures and enjoying the process along the way, instead of aiming for perfection or getting the results.

It is totally fine that you can’t touch your heels to the mat. Put a bend on your knees and focus on keeping your sitting bone facing the ceiling.

Anjaneyasana (Crescent Lunge Twist)

Align your knee directly over the heel of your front foot.

Hands in prayer position.

Inhale grew taller.

Exhale twist your torso to the right.

Your left elbow is outside of your right thigh.

To deepen the pose, extend both arms open.

Turn your gaze toward the sky or turn your gaze toward the earth if it is uncomfortable for your neck.

Wide-Legged Forward Fold

It is important to incorporate diaphragmatic breathing in yoga practice. You may find this post useful.

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